About Us

Who are we?

The St. Thomas More College Faculty Union was certified on May 2, 1977. We represent all teaching faculty and librarians at St. Thomas More College of Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Why do we maintain this web site?

Our primary goal is to provide useful information to our members. Thus one will find here information about our executive and committees, our constitution, our collective agreement, recent announcements, frequently asked questions and even some relevant links to other web sites. Secondly, this same information may be useful to other groups in the labour movement and to individuals of healthy curiosity anywhere.

What are our goals?

  • To regulate relations between the College and the Union and any person eligible for membership in the Union.
  • To bargain collectively on behalf of its members with the Board of Governors of St. Thomas More College.
  • To promote the interests and well being of persons employed by St. Thomas More College and to establish and maintain the best possible standards of remuneration and working conditions consistent with the continuation of high academic standards.
  • To promote an atmosphere of sound learning in which its members are all encouraged to reason well in all matters, to reach out towards truth, and to grasp it.
  • To co-operate with other bodies whose interest may be similar, in particular with national and international associations of university and college professors and lecturers and of research workers.
  • In association with other faculty associations or unions to improve the services provided by the academic profession and to advance the scientific, educational, professional and economic welfare of all members of the academic profession.
  • To settle all disputes which may arise with employers or
  • To do all such other things as are necessary or incidental or conducive to the objects of the Union.

Warning: This website is confidential and may contain privileged information. By posting information on this website, we are not waiving either confidentiality of, or legal privilege in, the content of this website and of any attachments. You must not copy, forward or disclose the materials on this website, or any information in or attached to it, to anyone without the consent of the St. Thomas More College Faculty Union Executive. In accordance with Article 1.7.2 of the STM Collective Agreement and if you are not a member of the St. Thomas More College Faculty Union, you are prohibited from using this communication in any way.